International Online Student Concert May 2020



Marcello playing "Long Long Ago" and "Old Town Road" on piano.
Aggie playing "Ode to Joy".
Emily shares her gratitude for her wonderful students and families. 

Gabi Bullo shares about how 
Viola  talks about the healing power of music!
Viola  playing Best Day of My Life on uke!
Viola playing I'm Yours on uke!
Matilda playing "Supercalifraglistic"...on piano.
Matilda playing "A Million Dreams" on piano.
Benicio playing "Best Day of My Life" on piano.
Gus and Eric Bridgefield playing "Ghostriders in the Sky" on guitar. 
Nadio and Paolo playing "Norwegian Wood" on ukulele.
Paolo playing "Space Oddity" on ukulele. 
Sunny playing Alouette on piano.
Aggie singing her original song "Love is Everywhere".